Thursday, September 4, 2008

on the road

Player: Arthur Rhodes
Card: 1993 Fleer #174
Errors: Um, he's not a catcher. Sweet hightops. What's he hiding under that left arm?
There is a man. Arthur Rhodes. He's no Tuffy. Just a man.
Not The Man.
A Man.
He is one small crouch for man; one giant leap, leap, leap for mankind.
Crouch, slouch, grouch.
Kill, spill, thrill. Had my fill.
Don't Talk Back to the Pepsi GENeration.
Arthur Rhodes. How many Arthur Rhodes must a man travel down?
we want our Heroes to fit in boxes - even small boxes
Boxes Confine; Boxes Define
Do you have a spine?
Made $31 million. Or did $31 million make, him?
Swapped for Jason Kendall.
Swapped. Flopped. Dropped.
Trading men. Traitor men.
Men cannot be traded for ideas, only other men.
Unless we are at war.
Arthur Rhodes. Not The Man. Just a man.
Scoring: CS 1-3

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