Thursday, March 27, 2008

man's best friend

Player: Robby Thompson
Card: 1992 Studio #119
Errors: Player is being himself. Player may have magnetic head. Player unable to remove batting gloves. Player wore Giants Fan Giveaway Turtleneck to studio shoot.
My Best Buddy
By Robby Thompson, age 30

My best friend isn’t mean,
My best friend doesn’t shout.
My best friend always helps me,
To keep from getting out.
I keep my best friend close to me,
Sometimes she shares my bed,
At other times I just hold my best friend,
Close to my oddly shaped head.
My best pal didn’t tattle,
When I used her to kill a heckler.
She even reminded me to wear gloves,
And said my turtleneck looked spectacular!
So thanks for listening to my poem,
About the best friend Robby Thompson ever had,
She helped me through some rough times,
Like when the media said Ralph Branca was my dad.
Although we’ve come to the end of my story,
There's still a mystery about the subject of our chat.
Did you guess my best friend is my wife, Brenda?
You're wrong! My best friend is … a bat!
Scoring: E6


jswaykos said...

I used to love collecting this set. My personal favs are Griffey Jr. showing how silly he is blowing a bubble with his gum, and Darryl Strawberry showing of his massive arms...

--David said...

Hmm, if this were Billy Ripken, there would be a whole new meaning...