Thursday, December 18, 2008

pencils down

Players: Larry Walker, Darren Daulton
Card: 1993 Fleer #715
Errors: Why aren't investigative reporters looking into the proliferation beer ads on baseball cards? Also, what is the connection between these two players? Marl...Marl...Marl-what?
You will have sixteen (16) minutes to complete the following questions. Each question will have only one correct answer. Be sure to color in the oval completely, without going outside the borders. Proctors cannot answer questions about this section of the exam.
You may begin.

1. Larry Walker's head is to Darren Daulton's head; as a golf ball is to:
a) A tennis ball
b) The Earth
c) A cement block
d) Domingo Ramos

2. Expos are to pterodactyls; as Seattle Pilots are to:
a) Bump Wills
b) The Kingdome
c) Washington (state)
d) The Colt .45's

3. Gold chains are to totally awesome; as Super Star Specials are to:
a) monolithic
b) dudical
c) inaccurate
d) Domingo Ramos

4. Darren Daulton's mullet is to business in the front, party in the back; as Darren Daulton's Robocop jaw is to:
a) I'll be back.
b) Holy cow!
c) The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!
d) All of the above.

5. Fleer is to gray borders; as MLB logos are to:
a) Script writing
b) Dotting i's with stars
c) Pinstripes do not make you look thinner
d) Misdirected Canadian patriotism

6. Larry Walker is to Darren Daulton; as Bert is to:
a) Ernie
b) Blyleven
c) rubber duckie
d) Domingo Ramos

Scoring: CS1-2


Scott said...

Very funny. Daulton is lookin quite tough in that picture.

More Baseball Cards Here! said...

I have been reading this blog for the past half hour - it's hilarious! And I dont even follow baseball that closely! I love your comments about the pictures and the in depth stories behind the weird uniforms or unsightly haircuts.

Keep up the good work.

FanOfReds said...

Nice work here. Like MBCH, I just found your blog as well. I'll be sure to stop by often.

Beast Mode said...

Same as FanofReds and MBCH. Great blog!

David said...

I'm a faithful follower; first time writer. Why haven't you posted a new blog since Dec 18th? Missing the great writing.

yankeesfan said...

LOL awesome card. i absolutely loved the proliferation of mullets during the late 80's/early 90's. daulton wasn't even the worst on his team. look at lenny dykstra, or krukky.

Dave said...

This is a very funny blog. Glad I found it. Can't wait to see more posts. Keep up the great work.

the Jester said...

What ever happened to this blog? It was so great, and it just disappeared!

mybaseballcards said...

Wow, that is funny stuff lol. I never noticed that about that card but the 1989 Fleer Randy Johnson had the Marlboro sign taken off in corrected version, which was an error that I did not hear about when I was a kid, though the 1989 Billy Ripken was well known back then. Maybe expanding on this would provide some trivial entertainment.

Johnny said...

I think penny auctions sold this card as a joke during beta testing. - It's a classic!

Ben Hughes said...

The two guys alone make that a ugly card.

Anonymous said...

Daulton is a little Peter Griffin like with the family jewels on his chin.

Bob Parker said...

Haha...this card is so crappily awesome. It totally looks like something I would find sitting in my cereal bowl. I like how someone said Daulton looks "tough" in the pic...uh yeah!

@SparkTrader said...

Awesome blog, you need to post more. I can@t stop chuckling to myself.

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