Thursday, November 27, 2008

give thanks

Player: Mark Carreon
Card: 1991 Fleer #142
Errors: Players is In Action! Don't forget, card owners, to watch SportsChannel! Do you know why he's running to fast? He's being chased by Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones!
Stuff I Am Thankful For
an essay by That Guy in the Circle
I am thankful for baseball, the grand old game. It inspires me and comforts me. It keeps my summers full of happiness and joy. It gives me something to look forward to in the long, cold winters.
I am thankful for the Arizona sun, which keeps my ripped, bodacious body tanned and smoking - something the ladies are very thankful for. Thank you, ladies.
I am thankful for white shorts, which not only show off my buns and my Satchel Paige, but keep me cool and relaxed. Thank you, white shorts.
I am thankful for late inning blowouts in spring training and lazy ushers, who allow me to slip up to the front row, into the $22 seats. Suh-weet. Thank you, ushers.
I am thankful that I was there. I was there to witness Mark Carreon scoring a meaningless spring training run when some not-ready-for-the-big-leagues outfielder momentarily bobbled the ball. Thank you, outfielder.
But, most of all, I am thankful that Fleer hired photographers with deep focus lenses who could perfectly capture This Place, This Event, This Moment. How would my many, many future children believe it happened without you, Fleer photographer? Thank you, future kids.
So, yes, I am thankful for a lot of stuff.
Scoring: 3U


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

You know, I had this card and never noticed that dude. I wonder if he knows he's on this card?

Dave said...

It could be Spring Training, but it looks like Shea to me.

Wrestling Moves Kawada said...

Is that Keith Hernandez in the crowd? Maybe John Oates?

Anonymous said...

This card is funny as heck but worthless! Checkout for rare PSA and BGS vintage graded cards.

signed sports memorabilia said...

Fantastic article upon the antique picture. Well,could you please suggest some of the identical cards of the players in the 1970-80 era.

I would be grateful to the author.

Scott said...

Man, 91 Fleer was an ugly set!
Nice baseball card blog. Keep up the good work.


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mybaseballcards said...

funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

[snip] "it looks like Shea to me."

Fcuk yeah, Queens!

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Marco said...

It is been a long timne since i get a card for a baseball player and happy to see this.Lately i am busy renovation a kitchen in Finland and hoping to finish this to watch baseball live.

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